New flavors and dishes have been added in MIMAYA’s menu. Fresh Bream fillet, baked in the oven with fresh rosemary and thyme, served with tomatoe confit, basil and butter sauce for the lovers of fresh fish and extraordinary Piccata chicken fillet and Sirloin Beef Black Angus, grilled with a crust of hazelnut, parmesan and fresh herbs for the lovers of meat! Don’t forget to try our risotto with chicken and Greek Red Saffron and our new Mediterranean Salad with Pleurotus mushrooms, chicken, tomatoe and spring onions with vinegraitte. Our Buffalo Mozzarella, served with grilled tomatoes and our basil pesto on a Sofico handmade bread is a real surprise. If you love pasta, you should try our shrimp and crawfish pasta with a rich tomatoe sauce, slighlty spicy, with fresh herbs.