In 2012 the Architecture team anastasis SOTOVIKIS + B with visionary Anastasis Sotovikis and companion Constantina Batziou created the gastronomic concept named "spiti" (home) basis of their own experiences and desires how they would like to be an intimate casual restaurant that would serve each neighborhood.

Alongside the first culinary creation began searching for more gastronomic trips they would like to do it themselves, but all of us.

So in 2014 they practice their idea from 2012 and create the "all senses gastronomy" ie "gastronomy for all the senses."

The restless creative spirit wanted to go the pleasure of eating in a stimulating experience for all the senses. Their architectural quality and love for creation allowed them to set up in all senses gastronomy and governed entirely by their personal stamp on aesthetics and function. To meet this need a perfectly controlled and customized environment that determines everything from where, how, how many, ever, what ...... Guided gastronomy and the use of technology will be set up a show that all senses will be involved and will offers the ultimate dining experience for diners.


The idea was based on the experiences of our childhood where the official invitation for dinner at home require an orchestration of the number and what will be the guests, choice of food, caring for the environment, the choice of music, aroma fresh flowers, serving dishes and created a ritual dimension of consciousness.