The award-winning Abovo restaurant moves from Kefalari to the center of Athens, enriching the gastronomic map of Kolonaki! On February 1st, Abovo opened at 18 Tsakalof str. for anyone who seeks all day casual gastronomical experiences, as well as luxury gastronights in Athens. 
Awarded by Chrysoi Skoufoi 2014, 2015, 2016, chef Michalis Nourloglou introduces two unique menus, lunch and dinner that are both based on the restaurant’s most profound principles: passion for excellent food, love and appreciation for the best raw materials and commitment to provide honest gastronomy. Abovo has been already providing a high-end gastronomic experience to its customers for many years. Now it introduces itself again in its most mature and interesting stage. 
Abovo consists of a large hall and an open kitchen, as well as of a spacious entresol on which the bar is also located. Clean lines, selective use of colors and an overall white-black decoration are the most significant characteristics of Abovo’s delicate design. Abovo is all about the combination of calmness and consistent action. The middle table in which chef sets his dishes serves as the core element of this majestic atmosphere that transforms during the day, while the daylight fade and the all-day relaxing tone turns into a sensual ambience.