We began to create the bio Tilia Beeswax ointment in the kitchen of our apartment. Our aim was the relief of our 2 young children’s skin irritations. 

The initial Beeswax ointment formula came to us through our grandmother. Through a long but memorable process - that includes trial and error, a lot of studying, as well as laboratory testings - we created our Tilia Beeswax Ointment, which is a far more advanced and effective version of the classical beeswax ointment.

At the same time we accorded with the EU regulations by accomplishing all the necessary chemical and dermatological controls.


Our skin constitutes an important medium of expression of our health and emotions, defining our image. Whatever we apply in our skin reaches our inner body, affecting vital organs. For this reason it deserves the best possible treatment. 

The Tilia Team