Let me introduce myself… My name is Eleni and I have been working as an insurance broker for many years, sharing my family life between Athens and Andros.

From my early childhood, I can remember myself being thrilled with the procedure of making a soap… 
Most of Andros residents, can still remember their mothers, grandmothers or aunts, manufacturing soaps at home, utilizing Andros’ blessed water and creating a perfect cleansing mean for white clothes and the home in general. 
For years, during my trips abroad, I had been looking for this sense, for this feeling, through the discovering of different kind of soaps, made of special ingredients from all over the world. I was enchanted by the feeling they created, their fragrances, their fine quality and foaming.

The idea of soap making would be an amazing experience itself, so the Soap By Eleni soon began to take flesh and blood. Intensive private courses of soap making so as to mix the “sense” with the “know – how”, countless trials (weird enough that nothing remained unused…!) and here we are… our first production! 
Local fragrances, wine from local vineyards, homemade rosewater, mint, bergamot, lavender, savory and merolies from “Yialia” had been mixed with cedar, sage, rosewood, neroli and berbena. 
But still something was missing…My goal had not been accomplished. My effort had to be attached to a vision and the vision had to be connected to the island’s needs, the needs that are so many and imperative.
We clean Andros’ pathways! The symbolism is clear. The assistance is great. As a Greek saying says “One hand cleans the other and the two the face”! 
With every soap you buy, you assist in cleansing a part of a trail in Andros. 
And here comes our excitement. We all became a big fellowship, a big team. Another Greek saying says that “The good must be said” so I cannot not mention how inspirational has the love of my old and new friends been to the continuation of this effort. 
I am proud that this effort can be deposited to my island…

Thank you for enjoying my soaps.