The legend.

When Paris stole Helen from Sparta, on their journey to Troy stopped in Kythira island for a few days ,to make libations in honor of the goddess Aphrodite who protected them and complete their love. But Helen envied the beauty of Aphrodite, which according to mythology lived on the island and demanded Paris to tell her that she was the most beautiful woman And Paris tried to solace Helen describing her beauty: "You see this flower? Your hair is like the flower's yellow color, your body is straight like the flower's one and your skin is as soft as its stalk. Your beauty will remain for ever... And the flower was named "Sempre VIva“ because of its amazing ability to remain fresh and seemingly in bloom long after it’s been picked. The beauty of wild Sempre Viva with intense golden yellow color that grows on the steep parts of the Greek countryside is unique and reminds us of the treasures of the Greek land and the priceless gifts of nature.


SEMPRE VIVA is undoubtedly a symbol of youth which symbolizes the power of beauty that resists and wins the battle against the signs of time. The rare flower Sempre Viva (always alive) grows on the island of Kythira and owes its name to its nature as it does not wither ever since the appearance of the remains unchanged after its cut. It is perhaps the most powerful, Greek, "indestructible" symbol of nature against the ravages of time. It is a symbol that illustrates the power of beauty that resists and wins the battle with time and signs it. For us, the initiators product line Sempre Viva, the beauty, with proper care, it becomes accessible to everyone. Sempre Viva means beauty, but also health, retained forever.

Inspired by this dainty yellow flower we have created this line of 8 different products consisting of ingredients that are widely known around the Mediterranean for their healing and cosmetic qualities.