Slim Bites, the first Greek patisserie chain based on stevia is now a reality and has come to provide you with a low-calorie high-quality culinary experience. Our approach is based on the golden standard of a balanced and healthy diet, and has been put to the test through a chain of modern-styled patisseries.

At the center of our approach are hand-made, low-calorie pastries whose recipes are based on the French cuisine but have inspired elements of other cuisines as well. Our motto is ‘Pastry from Scratch’ but we also respect the traditional way of making high-quality pastries, without using the ready-made mixes and preservatives that have flooded the market in recent times. 

In our patisseries you will find a wide selection of pastries suitable for all pastry-lovers that follow a quality diet, are on a weight-loss regime, have dietary restrictions, or have diabetes. Pastries in which refined sugar is substituted with high-quality stevia and the rest of the ingredients with low-fat substitutes lead to a high-quality tasteful result, on half the caloric intake!

Stevia comes from the leaves a small shrub with naturally-occurring sweetening agents. After processing the leaves, the end product is 300 times sweeter than sugar. The use of stevia in food and drinks was approved by the EU in 2011; studies suggest that stevia is suitable for consumption by diabetics as it has no effects on the concentration of blood sugar. Apart from stevia, Slim Bites also uses other substitutes for sugar, such as fruit in season, dried nuts, dairy products from local producers, vanilla, and chocolate sweetened with stevia and low-calorie cocoa imported from the UK.  Sampling our pastries, one is pressed hard to believe that her caloric intake was so low, or that her blood sugar will not rise, due to their rich, sumptuous taste. The caloric intake of all our pastries is always available, so that our clients know which pastries are suitable for them. 

The preparation of all our products is done daily, using high-quality stevia and low-fat ingredients. Our range of pastries is constantly enriched with new, inspired creations and combinations which will satisfy the most demanding palettes and dietary restrictions. 

In our patisseries you will have the opportunity to meet with our knowledgeable personnel that will familiarize you not only with our tastes, but also with our core beliefs and holistic approach to pastry and food. 

Choose, then, a sweet taste with few calories and no strings attached, and indulge yourself!