Our company's mission is to make the exceptional products of the Greek nature known all over the globe. Greek products are unique due to the country's special environmental conditions and its wealth in flora, which cannot be met anywhere else.

Our "Melissi” collection contains a wide variety of exceptional quality's honey flavors. In order to achieve this, we partner with small family farms, all over Greece, and collect the special honey flavors every region has to offer. Our honey is then packed in jars, without being submitted to any processes or mixes. Therefore it is 100% pure and keeps its full flavor and nutritional value. Melissicollection contains both natural and organic flavors of honey.

Our "Votana” collection is full of rare native wild herbs of various kinds. Our herbs offer great pleasure and beneficial properties to the human body, since the ancient times of Hippocrates. They are collected from the famous Greek mountains of Olympus, Taygetus, Parnon, White Mountains, Pindos, Menallon. All Votana herbs are fully organic.

Our products are packed according to ISO 22000 recommendations.

Our organic products are certified by the certification organization of organic products DIO.