Mastiha is a delicious colourless sweet liqueur, made from the natural resin of the mastiha (or mastic) tree which only grows in the beautiful Greek island of Chios. Known since the ancient times for its delicate taste and digestive properties, mastiha has been granted Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status by the European union and is still sourced and distilled in the traditional way.

Currently sold throughout Greece and around the world (including the US, France, Egypt and Saudi Arabia) the mastiha liqueur has become incredibly popular in the recent years. It is traditionally enjoyed cold neat, yet there is a growing collection of cocktails, and even dedicated competitions for new mastiha cocktail recipes.

We have teamed up with the biggest supplier of mastiha in Greece- the Growers Association (CGMGA) to exclusively bring two premium mastiha liqueurs to the UK: Kentos (20% alc./vol.) and Enosis (30% alc./vol.).