The package and the name E-La-Won takes us back to the ancient world of Mycenae. The word E-La-Won stands for olive oil in Linear B’ language (1400 BC). Tablets and inscriptions in linear B’ language prove that this word is repeated in everyday life activities, religious ceremonies or commercial exchanges. In the ancient city of Mycenae there was even the oil merchants quarter, “sinoikia lademporou”,  as today’s ruins show.


Our aim is:

  • To offer original E-LA-WON olive oil, as pure as 3500 years ago.
  • To cultivate our olive trees in an environmental friendly way.
  • To respect Mother Nature’s laws.
  • To protect the ecosystem from pollution, chemistry factors and unwanted ingredients.
  • To enrich our land in the same way as our ancestors did.
  • To communicate the benefits of Mediterranean diet to all.
  • To sustain natural resources and deliver the environment safe to our children.