Elixi S.A is a family company established in the spring of 2013 and its primary aim is the production of high quality beer products to distribute in Greece, as well as major overseas markets. Its main characteristic is the emphasis on the creation of “fresh” products, unfiltered and unpasteurized. The traditional way off fermentation in the bottle entails the constant human presence and participation at all stages of production and bottling. Since the first moments of its operation the company has invested in the establishment of a new, state of the art brewery with cutting-edge equipment in the region of Drossia in Chalkida. 

Delphi Beer was our first product.  A Mediterranean Pilsner, double fermented and of course blurry. It has got a distinctive particularly aromatic taste with a light, pleasantly bitter aftertaste evocative of fresh malt. The dominant scent of acacia and orange blossom balances with the delicate scent of hops. In a black, 750ml champagne looking bottle, it is a perfect beer to accompany food both in taste and presentation. 

Marea Beer is a double malt ale beer, which is made from 5 different cereals and 5 different hops. Same as Delphi, it is double fermented, unfiltered and unpasteurized with a deep golden color and orange highlights. It combines the sweetness of cereals with the bitterness of hops providing a distinctively full taste and scents of citrus and dry fruit.

Our last product, 1129 was introduced in the Greek market in September 2015. It is an IPA beer, the first of a series of limited edition beers. The rich quantities of Citra and Amarillo hops bring out a characteristic fruity scent and a balanced bitterness in taste with a long, intense aftertaste.  

Our top priority is to guarantee consistent quality during all the stages of the production and bottling until the final product reaches the consumer. For now, we export our products in the markets of the UK and the US, and we are constantly looking for new ventures!