I first came to Greece to photograph a friend’s band and shortly after that, I came back to stay. So, here I am.

I was born in 1988 and grew up in Rio de Janeiro, but not in the beautiful and idyllic landscape you might have in mind. I studied photography in the university and then I worked for Brazilian magazines and brands, which were never compatible with my ideas. So after a few years I gave that up and in 2011 I moved to Ireland, where I really began developing my own projects; it was also my first whole year spent without sun.

Through contemporary photography I explore social issues about race, women and sexism, which are the subjects that I want to talk and express myself as a black/latin woman. I don't make art to decorate walls, nor to please or be intentionally-aesthetically beautiful. For me it is important to address the subject directly because I am talking about social issues that affect our daily lives. I chose to do political art because I believe in the idea that art can change the way we see and we act in the world; art is for everyone. And, I would like my work to be accessible to all kind of people.
Even though this may sound cliché, I would still like to refer to it: art should not be reduced to an elitist rant.