My name is Kyra Alexacou. I am a landscape and nature photographer with a passion for seascapes. 
I presented my first exhibition called "THALASSA" last year in my hometown of Athens. 
As i continue to expand my collection of seascapes, it is with great pleasure that i am introducing  my new project called "COASTAL FLOWERS". As the name suggests, this new portfolio is of flowers found in coastal areas. Lately as i was photographing in coastal areas, i noticed the hidden existence of flowers. With the beauty of the sea being so majestic, it is easy to concentrate on the endless blue and ignore these smaller yet profoundly important elements. The colours and textures, the sizes and shapes are endless. I always photograph in black and white but i believe that this collection deserves to be in colour. The full portfolio can be found at
In 2015 i will be presenting my second exhibition called "SILENT SOUNDS". For me, photographsmay be silent to the ears but to the eyes and the heart, they are very much alive.