Born & raised in Glyfada. An Athenian suburb next to the sea.

Studied 3D Animation & Image Editing in the Athenian Technological and Artistic Institute.

Got a Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Production | Middlesex University of London.

Expanded her expertise by studying Painting Restoration in Canvas | 

Instituto per l' Arte e il Restauro Pallazo Spinelli | Florence, Italy.

Attends the postgraduate course Master in Design | Middlesex University of London.

Took her first Photography course at New Trier High School of Chicago, USA.

Studied the art of photography next to the photographers

 Frangeskos Karagiannopoulos | 2001 \ 2003

​Giannis Rizomarkos | 2002 \ 2003

Antonin Kratotchvil (VII) | 2002

Bob Sasha | 2002

Michael Ackerman | 2003

Nikos Economopoulos (Magnum) | 2006 \ 2007

Antoine D’Agata (Magnum) | 2010