Alexis Vasilikos (1977) is an Athens based fine art  photographer . His work explores the presence of the sublime in everyday life and is an intimate contemplation on the nature of emptiness. For the past 3 years he co-edits Phases magazine with Jerome Montagne , Phases magazine is an online  photography magazine . ¨


2 Νotes :


I'm only interested in what is here now 

and not in some theoretical abstract sense 

but in the most simple and direct way :

What is actual in the experience of this moment ?

What is not conceptual ?

what is here now that doesn't belong to any story ,

that is not a property of time ?


Just look

without naming or labeling ,let your seeing be free from conceptualization .


1 quote :


I asked a child, walking with a candle, "From where comes that light?" Instantly he blew it out.

 "Tell me where it is gone , then I will tell you where it came from." - Hasan of Basra