Maria Diakodimitriou 

Personal Exhibition      

 Gallery “kaplanon 5”

  Massalias&Kaplanon5, Athens  tel 210 3390946       

 3/3/2015 -28/3/2015                  

 Opening date : Tuesday  3/3/2015    8pm

Maria Diakodimitriou invites us for a walk through a city made of paper.  A city that somewhere exists, may have existed or it is still under construction .A city full of characters, colours and wide closed windows but surely real for all those who still insist on dreaming and hoping that fantasy can reform reality.

The artist, using   mixed  technique, handles acrylics and various materials   and directs pictures from the lives of ”the others” as well as scenes of wandering around streets which she  never walked  in and images of entering   rooms where the windows were not open.