Natassa Exarchou was born and raised in her beloved city, Athens.  She studied Finance at Deree – The American College of Greece while at the same time she received a degree in piano, harmony, and a diploma as a soloist from the National Conservatory of Athens. She is a piano professor, has worked in corporate finance and as a stylist for fashion magazine photoshoots. Today, she works as an events planner at The American College of Greece and, as if all that were not enough, she also designs clothes as a hobby.

She grew up reading the classics: old publications by her family’s home library, books borrowed by her school library and new ones bought regularly, but always with a book at hand. Traveling in time by their well told stories, in fact drawn by these stories, she was dreaming of becoming a writer herself since a very early age. At school, her essays and short stories where always praised, a fact which encouraged her to continue writing. 

Natassa’s first novel, Leave Your Resume (Αφήστε Το Βιογραφικό Σας) was published in 2010 by the publishing house IntroBooks. Her latest work of fiction, The Benefit of Doubt (Το Κέρδος Της Αμφιβολίας) was published by Oceanos Books in June of 2017, and can be found in online and physical bookstores across the country.

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