On holidays we always look for restaurants that take us back in time precisely because over the decades they have not turned into something '' fake ''.

They remained authentic just like the materials they use.

Drepano in Argolida is one of the places that also stayed true to what this might mean - and "Nakos" in the central square of the village is one of the main reasons to visit it. (The other reason is Kyra- Sophia's amazing oven from 1948).

At '' Nakos '' the food was far beyond our expectations. The portions are full. The slice of ''feta cheese'' in the salad that did not sting the oil.

The perch was extremely juicy -  with great vegetables that accompanied it - and the reddish beef with the spaghetti had the look we expected.

The glasses are iced - not just for beers but also for water - and the service is fast.

That's what we were looking for, that's what we experienced. We don't recommend very often restaurants - as food is a subjective affair - but we highly recommend this.

We will be back!