Kid Flicks used to be the alias of Athenian producer/songwriter Nickos Dervisis, but currently it describes a band.

Kid Flicks’ first album “Hearts of Gold”, released by greek label Inner Ear Records in 2011, is a collection of lo-fi exotic pop songs, relying heavily on sampling, folk instruments and sound textures. In 2012 he released a digital EP through Bad Panda Records.
On his sophomore release in 2012 “By Typing ‘I Talk’, You Don’t Talk” (Inner Ear/V2 Records) released the following year, his songwriting becomes more melodic and upbeat and his multi-layered psychedelic pop universe is presented in a more concentrated album.

Kid Flicks has shared the stage with artists like Craft Spells, Slow Magic and nearly twice with Omar Souleyman and has been reviewed by press media such as Impose, DIY, No Fear of Pop and Decoder.

From 2013 Kid Flicks started performing live as a 4-piece band with Danae Palaka and Haris Neilas on drums/percussion and Themos Ragkousis on bass. Soon after, all members were involved in the creation of Kid Flicks’ new LP in 2014-15. The album sees a departure from Dervisis’ previous lo-fi approach, focusing on pop melodies, dionysiac synths and samples, polyrhythmic percussion and beat arrangements and chaotic sound designs in an attempt to blend numerous diverse influences into a consolidated whole. The album will be released in 2016, shortly after their first European Tour in December 2015.

Kid Flicks were one of the subjects of CBC Arts’ doc series “Resilient Cities” (tba in November 2015).