Do you have any idea how high a woman can reach?
Before answering the question, think of what “top” means for you. Top in the professional sector? Top of the world? Greece on top? Whatever you answered... is part of the effort for Vanessa Archontidou and Christina Flampouri.


Two everyday women who have achieved high professional positions in multinational companies and want to conquer the 7 highest sum- mits of each continent to empower Greece and promote the Greek ethics. It seems bold, doesn’t it? If they conquer all 7 summits,

they will be the first Greek women to achieve it. The team has already conquered 4 of them and in 2017 they became the 1st Greek women’s team to have summited Mt Denali (McKinley) in Alaska. Each ascent has been not only a lifechanging experience but also an inspiring step towards the most desired Hellenic, female and mountaineering goal... 


All these years Vanessa and Christina shared their dream with many people. In 2017 their vision inspired a group of friends and professionals to create “a woman can be” team.


Women hide tremendous strength, it is in their nature. But their power and deeper desires are often suppressed due to the predefined roles and stereotypes that our societies impose. Vanessa and Christina are two ordinary Greek women with an extraordinary dream: To con-quer the highest peak of each of the 7 continents and raise the Greek flag on every summit. A symbolic endeavor to empower women and empower Greece.