1. Your collection is excellent. Whats your inspiration?

-Simplicity, in every aspect, shape and form. The traditional costumes from all over the world are very inspiring because they represent this simplicity, the effortless and uncomplicated element combined with natural textiles. But even just a piece of a great fabric could be inspiring.

2. You run your own bussiness in the middle of crisis. How does it feel?

-One of the biggest rewards that I get from my business is when happy customers from abroad tell me how much they appreciate the items they have purchased and relate their fond memories of shopping at Waikiki Andros, or ask me to send them items directly. These have included well known architects, designers and others from the world of art but even simple compliments from passers-by give me great gratification. This feedback is what enables me to continue despite the current crisis.


3. Are you an optimist person? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually?

-I wouldn’t say that I am the paragon of optimism, rather that I believe in dynamism and energy both individual and co-operative, believing that this is the way out of the tunnel.


4. What is Greece to you? Is it the sun, the islands, or something more than this ''cliche'' kind of thing?

-Greece for me is indeed about the sun and the sea, though not in the sense of holidays. It is reflective of the personality of the people and in their way of life, with all its pros and cons. Having lived in northern Europe for many years the sun and the see are priceless to me.


5.Why Andros? What is about this island that made you open this excellent concept store there?

-The first time I visited Andros, I was immediately smitten, despite having no prior connection with the island. The unique beauty and style of the place inspired me to open Waikiki Andros in harmony with character of the surroundings.


6. Five things of Greece you cant live without?

-First of all the weather! This is the main reason that I returned to Greece after my studies abroad; additionally, the uniquely strong light of the Sun, the amazing Sea, in every shade of blue and the liberating sense of living outdoors for almost the half of the year. Lastly, perhaps the delicious food all year round!


7. A chic woman in her closet should always have....?

-Lots of white shirts and white T-shirts of nice cotton, a pair of blue jeans in the perfect classic cut, ‘the little black dress’ and a pair of black brogue shoes!


8. Your perfect spots in Andros. Share with us the secrets of having fun in this amazing place?

-Except from the famous Museum of Modern Art, the Archeological Museum I love to visit the old monasteries in the island: Ag. Nikolaos, Ag. Marina, Moni Panachrantou are some of them. My favorite beach is Achla with its crystal clear sea and the beautiful lighthouse on the one side and the small church on the other. Ktima Lemonies is a small paradise very close to Chora, with its old and beautiful renovated seven guest houses in an amazing lemon garden! Apoikia with the Sariza Springs and the waterfalls of Pythara is one of the greenest villages of Andros as well as Arni and Menites. My favorite hang out place in Chora is Neo Pizza Bar with its relaxing aesthetic and style and refreshing cocktails!


9.How is your everyday agenda and how do you combine your intense business life with your personal life?

- I enjoy the time in my shop, despite the long hours because it feels like home. I enjoy meeting interesting people and am in contact with new people and my friends on a daily basis. In autumn I travel a lot, visiting friends in various countries. In general I try to combine work and pleasure, which I don’t find tiring at all.


10.Thinking out of the box is for you?

-Thinking outside of the box for me is to be original, creative and trusting your own instinct.