1.How did you start this ''beauty journey''? Did you always wanted to deal with ''beaute''?

-Well as women I think we all start our beauty journey from small girls- trying our mother’s high heels on and her lipstick right? But starting YASOU natural skin care was an evolution of ideas that came together over a five year period of time for me! I started collecting information and storing it in my head for example: I noticed that a lot of the high end luxe products in department stores felt great (the application process) but products didn’t contain as much goodness as the natural organic products and the natural and organic products are made of good ingredients but lacked that smooth application experience. You see I’ve been a working art director for many years so my head operates this way. I was also at a place within that profession that I wanted to create something bigger for myself other than the 9 to 5 grind. In addition, I also found myself at mid-age wanting to reconnect with my heritage- you see I am a first generation Greek here in the states- both my parents were from Greece but met here in Chicago going to night school to learn English. Growing up I just wanted to fit in with the American children and rebeled against my heritage/culture.

I took a trip two years ago to visit family in Greece and my mother’s village Archia Feneos in the Peloponnese region near Corinth to make sure I knew where my grandparents were buried as well as to visit a good friend of mine that I met in New York while attending Pratt Institute’s graduate program. It was during my visit to Archai Feneos that I ran across a local beeswax product produced by a local that used over 10 essential oils native to that region in a market place. I loved the beeswax product and how it smelled and thought maybe I could import it, repackage it and market it and I did try to do this with the makers of the product but understood quickly with Greece’s current situation that if something went wrong during the importing process I would have a very difficult time with any legal backings so I just couldn’t make that happen.

My wonderful husband saw how said this made me and said to me why don’t you create your own line with the inspiration in mind of your trip and with all the ideas you have been collecting regarding the market and I will be your first investor. This was the start of the development of YASOU natural skin care.

For the second part of your question I can just say that I have always loved to be surrounded by beauty from nature to people to fashion to makeup!

2.''Yasou''. Its not only a clever brand name, but it's also cosmetics of great quality. Tell us about those awesome products and their ingredients.

-Thank you for the compliment on the name- it just seemed so right for the name to be YASOU “to your health”,

I have so many great ingredients that I would take up pages listing them all but you can find all of them on my website www.yasouskincare.com I can tell you I only use all natural plant derived (no animal) ingredients as well as some certified organics- my goal was to make sure the products contained nothing but goodness for one’s health! I do have certified organic extra virgin olive oil in all my products which gives you twice the benefits for your skin because it’s the purest olive oil and doesn’t go through a synthetic process- just like when you use it for eating!

3.Are cosmetics enough to make our days even brighter?

-Well let’s say skin care gives you the opportunity to have healthy skin which makes you feel good about yourself so that starts your day feeling bighter and happier because you feel and look beautiful in a healthy way!

4.Do we really need a lot of vases, bottles and other stuff or we should have only 3-4 basic products?

-To be honesty with you I think everyone is different with different skin types and different needs so I can’t say what applies for one person applies for another but I can say you do need a great cleanser that is right for your skin type as well as a moisturizer that is right for your skin type! We do need to watch out about overdosing other self’s with too many products especially when one is using BB to CC products because the ingredients could be overlapping so always read the labels on all your products from skin care to makeup to be safe!

5.Why a customer should choose ''Yasou'', instead of another brand?

YASOU is like treating or gifting yourself to something special because you deserve It and it will make you look and feel good about yourself!

6.How difficult is to sell organic greek cosmetics in the ''so demanding'' American market?

-It is such a difficult market not just in the states but all over the globe because it is highly competitive not just for greek cosmetics but for any new cosmetics. I sometimes think I’m crazy for starting this but I have to follow this dream because my gut tells me to- I just believe it’s time to have a luxe product that contains natural and organic ingredients and why not greek. First it is my heritage and secondly Greece has introduced the world to the best food for health!

7.The secret of your ''well being''?

-The secret to “well being” what a great question! Well- if I really knew this answer I would be famous –hahahahah. I do believe we need to respect and love our souls and our bodies. Treating them both with respect and kindness and this will lead us to joy and well being.

8. A woman should always wear............?

YASOU of course! And a great red lipstick.

9.What is Greece to you ? A country for summer holidays, or something more than that?

 Greece for me is like she is my grandmother and America is my mother. I have this love for her as if she is my extended family with great memories of my childhood. I would love to be able to buy a home there one day that I can always have for myself!

10.Your next business goals?.

My next business goal is to find more ways to spread the word on YASOU and should YASOU become successful my own manufacturing facilities where maybe we can do some fair trade exchanges with Greece!