My name is Teodosio Sectio Aurea and i offer the services of a mediator between fantasy and reality, with all my pleasure i will break in your perceptual system....

Art is my life...with Art i travel to other galaxies...I just ''woke up'', and I found my little mission here on earth. Its - Art !!! Artists i would like to have dinner on an imaginary night? Well..first Dali (Teacher) of course, Da Vinci (God), Pollock, Picasso, Kandinsky.

we have crisis, but this doesnt scare me...My motto is ''keep walking''! There is always a positive side...Crisis helped me to wake up, and helped me become Teodosio Sectio Aurea. I do believe Greece is the best country in the world.

Inspiration is everywhere....women, sea, architecture, mythology, sun, islands,music..

Art is novocaine for the soul Art -the best therapy in the world for everything. Perfectionism is ingrained in my dna.

My first exhibition will be in Crete,with the help of Tez tour we prepare something very beautiful, an exhibition with my shadows ...We will travel you to other worlds.

Stay tuned......