-What a girl like you, from Athens, does -correct me if i am wrong- in Paris?

No, you’re not wrong, I’ve been living in Paris for the last 3 years. The story goes like that: summer, sun, greek island, me and a French guy falling madly in love and…voila! I’m in Paris!

-The whole concept of your site is excellent. What was your first inspiration for the name?

The inspiration for my project was my contact with Haruo Kaneko’s work. The power of the moment is depicted in such a clear and edgy way, by using as stylistic tools high heels, all sort of panties and lights. It as then, when a global map, interspersed with dots, appeared before me! Along came the desire to unite those dots, so that they and I would create a universe in which styling will be restricted into heels and panties, consentrating only in the art that will emerge.

-Do you think Greece is a country only for holidays, or its something more than that? Are you optimist about the whole ''crisis'' matter after all?

Through this situation, young people learned to manage their business and lives with an impressive inventiveness and ingenuity, which makes me feel optimistic: Greece will find her way the get out of this predicament. As for me, Greece is, and always will be, the place where almost all my beloved ones live.

-Whose photographer work do you admire?

Oh that could take quite a while!!!

-The soundtrack of your life has what kind of music?

Oh lala! Though my music preferences vary, the soundtrack of my life would be definitely overflowing with electronic sounds of multiples moods and kinds.

-Best things in life are??

Love! Being in comfort! Food! Friend! Sleep..

-Your favorite place in Athens, a restaurant, a hotel, your place for relax"?

Well, half of my life in Athens was spent at 6 D.O.G.S… and I love it!

-On new year's eve you were with.........?

In Paris celebrating with my beloved sister, Katia!

-If you had one wish for 2015, that would be?

I wish for a year full of splendid surprises! (Many thanks to photographers Kostas Stavropoulos and Greg Haji Joannidis)