1. First of all, its our pleasure having this conversation with both of you. So, frankly we would like to know about your own #insta journey, when did it start? 

-Thank you very much for having us! It is a great pleasure sharing our #insta journey with you!

Well, basically it all started in London about 2 years ago. Nina was working there and I was visiting her every two weeks! After a while, we started splitting the distance by meeting in various cities like Rome, Paris, Istanbul...

I was flying from Athens and Nina from London and we were meeting at the airport!

All these journeys included many photos for our personal use in the beginning. Later on, we decided to share our stories on Instagram! (I didn’t even have an Instagram account before meeting Nina!!) 


2.What makes your insta account so successful ? Is it the content? The passion about travelling? Or something else?

-I think it is the fact that we really love what we do! We have done several journeys even before we started sharing them on social media just for ourselves. We definitely do not travel just for content creation but because it is part of our DNA. The genuineness of our content is what makes our accounts so popular. We prefer quality over quantity and we never do discounts on our esthetic.


3.What is Greece to you? Its just a blessed country or something more than that?

-It is our home! We have a special bond with our birthplace. Its amazing scenery combines both sea and mountain views. The mainland has hidden treasures that are unseen for most people and we cannot wait to discover them ourselves! 

We will do our best to share many of them with you through our accounts this summer. So stay tuned!


4. Five things of Greece you can't live without?

-Family, Friends, Sun, Sea, Food 


5. A hotel that made you feel like home?

-All of the boutique hotels we have collaborated with so far have welcomed us and made us feel like home. Greek hospitality is one of the most important values that we share as Greeks!


6. Your next trip will be ...where?

-Where everything started ... our beloved London


7.The best things in life are...? Share your secrets!


Just go out there without a compass and live your life as you have dreamed it!


8. How do you deal all those followers? Did you ever had to deal with haters or people that are just envy about your insta lifestyle?

-The truth is that the majority (99%) of the followers are really friendly and kind to us! 

Of course we had faced a few displeasing cases but this is something you should expect when everybody can interact with you (our accounts are public). In general, we could never imagine the love and support that we are receiving!


9. Which is your favorite spot of the city you live?

-I think that a stroll in Plaka is the perfect thing to do during weekends.


10.Do you believe that social media brings us together, or  its just an addiction we can not resist?

-Social media is a great tool as long as you do not misuse it; it can become really enslaving. 

However, if you can control the time you spend on it, I think it is a great mechanism to broaden your view, meet new people, ‘travel’ through beautiful images, listen to new music and share different opinions.


11 Are they any insta accounts that you would recommend us to follow? 

-Of course! 

  • Nikos faves: @doyoutravel, @mvernicos
  • Nina’s faves: @songofstyle,  @negin_mirsalehi, @debiflue, @gypsea_lust


12.Do you really follow the Kardashians? Do you think they are the ''top'' professionals in social media or they are just a ''phenomenon'' of our crazy world?

-We believe that since so many millions of people are following them, they must be doing something right!