1. A bad person would think ''Oh! Another blog!'' Well, we both know, it's not ''another blog''. What makes ''TwinFashion'' so different ?

-To begin with, thank you for suggesting that TF is not yet another blog to you! We really appreciate it! TwinFashion by Nef and Nat is another blog amongst the thousands or even millions out there in the cyber world. However, the difference is that we are two people in one, two souls in two different bodies, two characters that complel one complet human. We are two in one. Two girls that share their everyday lifestyle, views and thoughts with the rest of the world while traveling around in the world. What you see is what you get. It is our personal diary and it is real, that is why TF has grown so big so quickly and we have only gratitude and love in our souls for our audience and the people who believe in us and decide to invest in us. 

2. How many hours do you spend in this concept ?

-We are obseesed, in a good way of course, with what we do. If we were not in love with our job, we would have pursued a different carreer. And we mean those aforementioned words because twinfashion is now a brAnd name but still remains our kid, a kid that has now passed through adolesence and now reaches it's maturity, it is becoming an adult. That said, we cannot say how many hours we spend on TF, they cannot be counted.
3. ''Blogging''. A worldwide trend, or a hidden need for communication and sharing our own experiences ?
- Blogging is a worldwide trend, and as all trends, it now faces its' plateu phase and gradually moving towards its "recession" phase. However, it is exactly because blogging is based on the intrinsic need of humans to communicate that will last longer than other trends. Actually, it will never cease to exist, just changing forms in other to adapt with the constand human needs. 
4. How does it feel to write a successful blog in Greece of ''crisis''? How does this situation effects the final result ?
4. That is a very good question. Although we are an international blog, our core audience is greek. Since the referemdum onwards, we actually received major criticism concerning our lifestyle, the same people that followed us and supported us expressed their negative feelings, something that really suddened us but it is totally understandable coming from their perspective. People in Greece have suffered a lot but they need to understand that by expressing this kind of hatred towards other people will not make any difference to the current situation. From our point of view, we are two businesswomen that have been working since a very young age and this whole lifestyle is part of what we do for a living. Thankfully, we are still able to make worth mentioning collaborations in Greece and in an international level. 
5.If you could choose 3 promising Greek young fashion brands who would they be ?
- Preeka, the most amazing handmade sandals featured in Vogue US & Vogue Brazil and Harper’s Bazaar US.
- NatarGeorgiou duo.
- Stefania Frangista swimwear.
6. What is Greece to you? Is it the sun, the islands, or something more than this ''cliche'' kind of thing ?
-Greece is everything to us. It is our motherland, the place we consider home and always want to return to no matter where we are in the world, it is our sanctuary. We are very connected to our family even though we have been very independent from a very young age. It is truly a magical country, the sun is different than any other part of the planet and the energy is unique. Inspiration is everywhere. Life here is different than elsewhere, in a good way. 
7.Are you optimist about the situation in Greece? Do you see light in the end of the tunnel ?
- We are trying to be optimistic, no other way will do any good. Greece's political system and sociaty's mentality need radical changes in order for the situation to shift. The government needs to invest in education at all levels of society. 
8.The best things in life are.................?
-...Each moment that passes by is unique and each day teaches us a lesson. 
9. Your next goals about ''TwinFashion'' ?
-TwinFashion has become a brand name and we are are so thankful for that. Our next step is close so stay tuned. 
10. Finally....What is the secret of being so sexy, cool and full of energy? Share it with us. Please !
-Keep no hard feelings in your heart, love wholeheartedly, eat well, work out much, focus on what you want in life, medidate and laugh. Believe in yourselves and start each day with positivity!