Welcome to the delicious embrace of “My Greek Taverna”! A new cookbook that gathers the most well-known and beloved Greek recipes: savored in every taverna, from the neighborhood and the beach to fashionable and off-the-beaten-track. For us Greeks, they are taken for granted –and rightly so–, but for the visitors from every corner of the planet these recipes are a small “miracle”. “My Greek Taverna” by Ioanna Pavlaki, a sea lover, and Makis Georgiades, a renown cook, is the condensed universe of Greek gastronomy containing 100% authentic Greek dishes “served” in English. It’s a “tasty” souvenir that smells like Greece, a special gift for yourself, your friends and family to take back home. “My Greek Taverna” sets the table with all the wonderful Greek flavors and brings out the values of sharing and offering –hospitality («filoxenia»)– that are so fundamental to every Greek meal. The menu includes mezedes, salads, pies, stews, seafood, traditional Greek dishes and of course traditional desserts: 65 traditional Greek recipes with step-by-step instructions for guaranteed success, as well asvegan/gluten-free options. The dishes are accompanied with wine, ouzo and tsipouro, as we like to raise our glasses and say “Stin igia mas” (cheers) at every chance. Within the book you will also find typical Greek expressions related to Greek food, and photos that will whet your appetite! “My Greek Taverna” aspires to become a tasty memento of your autumn, winter, spring and summer in Greece – a memory that will come alive every time you open the book, you cook something Greek and you share it with your loved ones. It’s an attractive, modern and practical edition, ideal for a gift and shouldn’t be missing from your luggage. Look for “My Greek Taverna” by Pedio Publishing in central bookshops, foreign press points, airports and selected Greek concept stores. Follow “My Greek Taverna” on social media, too. Cooking never stops! 


Ioanna Pavlaki was born in Athens; her family roots come from the island of Lesvos, where she spent all her summers. She is a successful marketing professional in publishing industry. She loves sea, travelling and good food. Her passion is to make small ideas come true. You can follow her life adventures on Instagram @fishpavlaki. Makis Georgiades was born in Athens, and grew up in a family with a long tradition in cooking as his grandfather was a renowned chef in Alexandria, Egypt. Makis has worked with some of the top chefs in Greece and his recipes are being published in cooking magazines. He has written several cookbooks and also runs a successful catering company.