Monthly Flavors is a food subscription box service, which delivers different novelty, delicious and healthy Greek products to people’s doors every month. Our service and products are directed to people who love healthy eating and want to experience new flavors and to expand their culinary habits. There are so many amazing and premium quality food products created by Greek companies today, and our aim is to help people explore, taste and love them!

By means of the subscription service, we avoid barriers posed by the fact that these products are little known outside the Greek market and rarely found at a deli store outside Greece. Our monthly boxes bring these incredible products straight to the consumer’s doorstep! The way it works is pretty simple, all one needs to do is subscribe and… that’s it! After a couple of days and once a month after that, they receive a box which contains 5 to 6 full-size premium quality and healthy products which take them on a delicious and healthy journey through new tastes. They are accompanied by an info brochure about the origin of each product, its nutritional value and other interesting facts. Every month the content of the box is a surprise, but it is always very carefully chosen by our team. Apart from that, through our blog and social media we suggest recipes to help our customers become further acquainted with the products, experiment with them, urge them to get into their kitchen and cook delicious and healthy dinner, snacks, breakfast, sweets and more. 

Since the beginning our aim was to expand to Western Europe, the UK and USA. Today we can send our boxes to 11 countries. The Greek people that live abroad are the first that embraced our idea, since we bring to them a long missed taste of home. We are positive that before long our carefully selected Greek products will find their place into the homes of thousands of people around the world.