Your resort collection is excellent. What's your inspiration? Tell us more about this concept.

Thank you so much!!!We are a resort wear brand inspired by ancient Greek  history and ancient Greek beauty( Kallos ).The shining sun on the lands of the Aegean sea, the tranquillity of the Ionian sea and the white colour of the Cyclades are the main courses of our inspiration.

The sun in the form of its ancient Greek symbol features in the logo (KAΛΛΟS) in the letter O , as a represcutative of the Greek spirit, while the dot in the middle symbolizes the original spark , which mainly springs from willpower


You work your own business in the middle of a crisis. How does it feel? 

We really took our time to figure out how it would be like starting all over again. There was our array of “pros” and “ cons” in our initial business plan, but in the end the strong used of creactivity overcame all our secondary insecurities. We basically managed to overturn the “cons’’ that exist in our economically wounded country and  use them as ‘’pros’’ on our behalf. The  will of counting  sour thing we always believed in our inspiration.


Are you optimist persons? Do you think there is light in the end of the tunnel eventually

Indeed we are!!! How couldn’t us!!! Optimism  is a virtue that should be derived from within every person that  haw vision for success. We  , Greek  people , are optimistic by nature! We believe that we are going through the last meters of the tunnel and in the very near future we will have “our  engines  running “ just like in the previous decades .  Hopefully , we all learn our lesson from the past, therefore it should be wise to use it as the base of our country’s prosperity. 


What is Greece to you?

Greece is the most beautiful country in the world!!!Yes, we know it sounds like “cliché” but it is not!!! We are not the ours who say so; Friends from all over the world that have been coming over to visit us and spend their vacation here in our country believe we are blessed by God!!!

Considering the number of countries we have visited throughout our lives , we are in the position to realize that sun is not brighter, the skies are not bluer and the sea is not clearer than Greece’s. And lets not forget  that Greece is the mother country of art, culture and decocracy.


Share with us a perfect restaurant in Athens, a place you would propose to your friend from abroad, a boutique hotel you really loved.

Undoubtly, the restaurant of the Acropolis museum possess the majority of our hearts. Original  greek recipes , exquisite local cooking materials , seasonal plates are some of the details that complete the perfect Greek restaurant. The view is breathless!!!It feels like you are dinning in the most beautiful balcony of Athens, 300 mtrs away from the most historic landmark worldwide;the rock of the Acropolis! 

Regarding our hotel preferences , Danai Beach Resort & Villas and Eagles palace  Hotel  and  spa are our two favorite  boutique hotels which are located in the North part of Greece , in Halkidiki. The Oia Collection Suites and Villas are the ideal place for ourstay in Santorini.


Five things of Greece you can't live without? 

The sun, the sea , the greek cousine, the sense of freedom and  the aesthetics


What are your next business goals? 

Our priority  goal is to built up our brand name in our domestic market, focusing on the popular touristic places in the greek mainland and of course in our greek islands.  Once we activate  this goal , we believe that we would be able to make the next step into the global market.

We are very proud of what we are doing.We strongly believe in the world of no frontiers , there therefore promoting our collection abroad would be a challenge for both of us.


A chic woman in her closet should always have....? 

A white cotton lace  dress , a shirt dress  and a long silk dress!!!


Your perfect winter holidays in Greece should be in.......? 

Because of the location of our workshop, which is located in the Northern part of Greece , we have made wimter excursions in the mountains that surround the historical mount of Olympus. Our Favourite winter resort is “Semeli mountain resort & spa “.


Greece is a place for holidays or its something more than that?

Greece is scents pictures and senses.....



(Photo credits.  Hector Nikolakis Make up  Maria Pagonaki

Model. Sophie Kinalopoulou Creative Art Director Yiannis Sigouros.)