Greekly is a travel community of people who, in their lifelong quest for a smart and balanced way to spend their invaluable free time, appreciate the importance of 1. outdoor activities and everything that involves motion and aerobic training; 2. holistic approaches to their psychosomatic wellbeing; 3. art and 4. quality food. 

  • On the basis of the above elements, Greekly constantly evolves an interactive platform of activities and collaborators in Greece, from which every month a different multithematic excursion project emerges.  Each project lasts a day or longer and is always unique!
  • Using each area’s and each season’s beauties as its starting point, Greekly adds additional elements and different approaches to life from beloved collaborators whom it appreciates for their knowledge of their field, as well as for their balanced attitude to life.
  • Participants can choose between all-inclusive packages or à la carte activities, in order to create the program which best suits their needs and preferences.
  • The design and support of Greekly’s excursions is often done in cooperation with other instututions or companies (such as municipalities, festivals, cultural associations, mountaineering clubs, schools and kindergardens, conservatoires, yoga/pilates studios, hotels etc), either as an integrated project or as an additional activity in a pre-existing event.  

Approaches which we love to combine:

1. Body-Mind Exercise: trekking, cycling, canyoning, rafting, caving, mushroom hunting, wine tasting, bird watching, seminars or workshops with music, dance, circus, theatre, psychology, life coaching etc.

2. Body-Mind Healing: indoor or oudoor thermal baths, yoga (various types), pilates, feldenkrais, thai massage, shiatsu, experiential anatomy etc. 

3. Gastronomic Events  (local or 'thematic' food) in local places or with private chef

4. ‘Art’ Events: music, dance, theatre, outdoor cinema, storytelling, astronomy etc.


  • Past Projects (photo’s and full details included):


  1. The Mushrooms Project II (N. Evia, Nov. '15) -
  2. 'Παλατάκι' kindergarden collects mushrooms (Mt. Helikon, Oct. '15) -
  3. The Mythical Project I (S. Evia, October '15) -
  4. The Afro Project I (Mt Chelmos, August '15) -
  5. The Play n' Fly Project I (Mt Chelmos, July '15) -
  6. The Cyladic Project I (Kea, June '15) -
  7. The South Evia Tour I (S. Evia, May '15) -
  8. The Eco-living Project I (Seliana, April '15) -
  9. The Flowing Project I (Evinos river, March '15) -
  10. The Carnival Project I (Fokida, Feb. '15) -
  11. Νάχαμι μια τηγανιά (Loutraki, Feb. '15) -
  12. The Re-loaded Project I (Mt Pelion, Jan. '15) -
  13. Sweet December I (Mt. Kyllini, Dec. '14) -
  14. The Mushrooms Project I (Mt Helikon, Nov. '14) -
  15. The Stone Project I (S. Evia, Oct. '14) -
  16. The Water Project II (Peloponnese, Aug. '14) -
  17. The Water Project I (Peloponnese, Jul. '14) -
  18. Swing & Yoga στον Πάρνωνα (Mt. Parnonas, Jun. '14) -
  19. National Park of Mt. Parnitha Ι (Attika, May '14) -
  20. Acrocorinth Ι (Corinthia, March '14) -
  21. The Spa Project I (Loutraki Thermal Spa, Feb. '14) -


Greekly is a platform of cooperation based on the spirit of community, parity and transparency between all the collaborators of each project, where new ideas and cooperations are engendered. Below you will find some of our collaborators, whom we appreciate for their knowledge of their field, as well as for their balanced attitude to life:

Nick Aivatzidis: Head of Communication, Head of Project design and implementation 

A. Body-mind exersice: 

    1. Avgoustinos & Vasia: lindy hop-swing dance | Swing & Yoga στον Πάρνωνα (Jun. '14)
    2. Katerina Karatzi: African dance | The Eco-living Project I (April '15)
    3. Lefteris Grigoriou: African percussions The Afro Project I (August '15)
    4. Nick Aivatzidis: mountaineering, cycling | The Cyladic Project I (June '15)
    5. Nick Charitos: speleology, canyoning, mountaineering | Sweet December I (Dec. '14)
    6. Christos Daniil: jump master, climber | The Play n' Fly Project I (July '15)
    7. Christina Sougioultzi: forest aerials workshop | The Play n' Fly Project I (July '15)
    8. Rafting House: rafting | The Flowing Project I (March '15)

B. Body-mind healing:

  1. Anastasia Polutsopoulou: shiatsu, natural fertility | The Eco-living Project I (April '15)
  2. Apostolia Papadamaki: performer, dance, experiential anatomy | Sweet December I (Dec. '14)
  3. Atalanti Mouzouri: feldenkrais, pilates, dance | The Carnival Project (Feb. '15)
  4. Giannis Giaples: yoga, reflexology | The Mushrooms Project I (Nov. '14)
  5. Giannis Tsapatsaris: pilates | The Flowing Project I (March '15)
  6. Despoina Grigoriou: ashtanga yoga, pilates, barre a terre | The Re-loaded Project I (Jan. '15)
  7. Tina Zumaraki: yoga  @ashtanga, @prenatal care, @for children | The Water Project II (Aug. '14)
  8. Foivi Dafnomili: pilates | The Mushrooms Project II (Nov. '15)

C. Gastronomy:

  1. Megumi Midorikawa: japanese and empowered nutrition | The Re-loaded Project I (Jan. '15)
  2. Saint Euphrosynus: authentic kitchen | Νάχαμι μια τηγανιά (Feb. '15)

D. Event:

  1. Cine Greekly: our portable HD cinema, ready to be set up ANYwhere in 30’!
  2. Gkelesos: Carnival Songs from Samos | Νάχαμι μια τηγανιά (Feb. '15)
  3. Klewn Antwniou: Performer, Guitar, Voice, Loops | The Play n' Fly Project I (July '15)
  4. Lefteris Grigoriou: African and Cretan music | The Afro Project I (August '15)
  5. Sylvia Venizelea: Storytelling | The Mythical Project I (October '15)
  6. Christina Sougioultzi: Performer, Aerials, Acrobatics | The Play n' Fly Project I (July '15)
  7. Irmak: Asia Minor and Mediterranean | The Mushrooms Project II (Nov. '15)
  8. Michael Hoipel: Cello | The Flowing Project I (March '15)
  9. Music Soup: Jazz Standards etc. | Ακροκόρινθος Ι (March '14)
  10. Outibus: Asia Minor and Mediterranean | Ανοιξιάτικη Πάρνηθα Ι (May '14)
  11. Troupe EmmaYa: African music and dance | The Eco-living Project I (April '15)

E. Memorable staying:

  1. Daphne's Club Hotel Apartments: Baby & Kids Friendly | Swing & Yoga στον Πάρνωνα (Jun. '14)
  2. Re-green: Ecoculture Center | The Eco-living Project I (April '15)
  3. Vateri: Rural Guesthouse | The Mushrooms Project II (Nov. '15)


Each of our excursions is unique, that’s why we dedicate lots of quality time in discussing and designing all of its wonderful details, first with our collaborators and then with all other relevant stake-holders, to make sure that the implementation of each unique project will be truly splendid!