1. Food Sherlocks. What's the secret behind this successful concept?

-Food Sherlocks are food inspectors. Their main purpose is to look for great taste, pure ingredients and healthy meals. 

The secret behind this concept is to use all current scientific nutritional and dietary knowledge in our everyday routine. This will be available on computers (www.foodsherlocks.com) and literally at a touch of a button on smartphones.

In this way, Food Sherlocks can prove that myths like “eating out on a diet could make you fat” are wrong.

Furthermore, our goal will also be to train the food industry and especially restaurants on how to optimize their menus in order to offer healthy choices to their clients. 


2. How will we learn to eat healthy with all our exhausting daily programmes?

Food, recipes, new and stylish chefs, and a lot of funky restaurants. Is food a trend all over the world?

-And it’s not just this! There are also restaurants with molecular cuisine, tv cooking shows, cooking classes even for kids and so on!

Eating healthy can be challenging that is why nutritional and dietary advice has to be customized to each and every one of us. Also, introducing dietary classes at schools is of paramount importance. 

Our hope is that FS could help towards this direction with readily available nutritional advice and guidance during our busy everyday schedule.


3. Personally, I eat a lot of street food. What does it take for me to make the right choices when I am so many hours far away from home..?

-Food Sherlocks are here to help! The FS website has many different categories like ‘food on the go’, ‘lunch break’, ‘snacks’ even ‘take out’, presenting the healthiest options. In this way it can accommodate people who are all day on the go, or hate cooking. Same applies to the FS application for mobile devices by using also your exact location. 


4. Cooking. A typical daily survivor need or a deeper kind of matter..? Can cooking replace sessions with our phychologist?

-Training and cooking are the main activities that psychologists suggest!!!!


5.  A person that has not a clue about cooking,-and that doesn't have to do only with men believe me!- what are the main dishes that must learn to prepare, in order to eat healthy and take all the basic ingredients for his body and soul without losing time and money?

-The use pure ingredients like olive oil, whole-wheat grains, and colorful vegetables are the basis of a healthy diet. Choosing lighter options is also very important. In this way we can alter and make healthier even recipes that originally seem unhealthy or high-calorie.


5. Men are better chefs or it's just a myth.....?

-Although we would support that cooking skills have nothing to do with sex, it is a fact that most of the Michelin starred chefs are men. Our dad and our other halves are our favorite cooks!


6. If you could cook for 5 celebrities in a special dinner, in a big table, who would you choose and why?

-Jamie Oliver,  because he is promoting healthy eating habits and food education in schools as well as his restaurants.

Tsipras (Prime Minister of Greece) & Merkel (Chancellor of Germany), and I would ban any political or financial discussion! They deserve to enjoy decent food and wine like normal humans as this might even bring them closer!

Benedict Cumberbatch, the fellow inspector of the popular TV series, of which I have to admit I am a big fan.

My seven-year-old nephew! He is a big celebrity in my life and the strictest and honest judge of my cooking!


7. Food is also memories...What are your own food memories as children?

-Coming from Greece, food is intimately related to families. Therefore almost every memory as a child brings food memories as well!


8. Your next goals?

-Our next goal is introducing a special category where Food Sherlocks will be fine-tuning your shopping list! This project will start from our home city, Thessaloniki, but we are planning to expand it throughout Greece and even abroad!