1.You are one of the most promising artists in GREECE. you think that ''crisis'' made art more valuable than before?

First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me to this interview.

I believe + I feel, that crisis in Greece, is a symptom that shows that the whole planet is suffering from the money-system, as we know it.

Crisis is not about money really. It is about the way we are used to live as humans beings. That means, that we have to change the way of thinking +the way we do things, in order to be more sensitive to other’s matters+ not just think +care about ourselves. Unfortunately, the ‘’Crisis’’ here, seems rather ‘’fair’’ to me, because for many, many years we have been living ‘’happily ever after’’, although people in other countries have been suffering the way we do now. That makes me feel, that I have to be psychologically strong, so that I can keep my dignity+ other values, as ‘’humanity’’ …that makes me human…in any situation. In Crisis + in ‘’Heavenly Times”.

2.What are the difficulties a young artist has to face today in this country?

When you decide to be an artist, it's not something you really choose.

There is a need in you, that drags you to this side of the road.

So, from the start, you have to decide that you ‘’do’’ something that can't objectively be a job, but something you do first of all for your soul+ you hope that you can earn a living from.Talking about these things, it would be very helpful, if you live in a country that cares + supports you in some ways. That doesn’t happen to be the case in Greece.

Not only these days, but even in the past. There are many examples of great artists that have left Greece, in order to find a home for themselves + their artwork too.

If you live in Greece these days, when the most important thing is to have a job that can support you, we can easily say, that art is not a basic need for most people.

Even for someone who really likes art, its not easy nowadays to buy a piece of art, or to go to a concert. Even more, as an artist you need material+ a gallery to show your art.

Most of the galleries are closed too +those which are still open, they are acting like they rule the world. Art is not about selling or buying, like an investment.

Artists are not businessmen. They are Soul-Revolutionaries.

Art ,It’s about connecting people+ expressing these invisible needs.

So, for me, to be an artist, nowadays, in the past, or in the future, here, in China, or America, is about the way you decide to stand up as an anarchic human being, far away from authority and rules that threatens your freedom. Talent is not the capability to sing, write, or draw perfect. Talent is the strength you have, to stay clean + free from all the shit that through to you.That is ART for me.

3.What's your inspiration?

My inspiration is life itself. Every feeling I have is a picture or a poem.

Every thought is a color+ a form. Most of all, I express my hopes, fears, love, loss, in a few words, I bring my inner world to the outer world with my art.

LOVE Is the answer to everything. That includes art +inspiration too.

4.Where can we see your work?

For all these things + reasons that I have already mentioned, I decided to start my Home Gallery Project. Which means, that very soon, I will be ready to open my studio to the audience.So, we will have a more direct connection+ the cost of art will be much lower, as it will be without a gallery’s profit in the middle.I am also a junkie-net player.

Everybody can see my work on internet on many sites + to come in contact with me easily. That is still free+ open+ I really like this new way of approaching art + each other! So, you can find me As: Elli Griva / Elli Griva Artist (2 profiles. Second is more a library + the first one is the one that is currently activated) Elli Griva Art In facebook (page) + In my personal site:


5.The best things in life for an artist....are?

Health  Love Feelings Sex  Love  Friends  Dream Travelling Sunset Time Dawn Peace

Poetry Nights Beer My Charlie Buku Museums Hugs Kisses Walks Music Cinema

Literature UFO Salads Bars Concerts.

All the blues of the sky.

6.Are you optimist about the situation in Greece today?

As long as I create art, I am a dreamer. I hope until the last nanosecond.

I am not really optimistic. And to tell you the truth, I care, not only for Greece.

I want to believe that finally, humanity is capable of changing + growing.

That means, that, yes, I do believe in the Good inside every one of us.I don’t feel like a Greek.I feel like a Human of Earth.

7.Who is your favourite artist of all times, and why?

Art for me has many forms, too many hands, but in the center, is One Art. My favorite artist is Charles Bukowski.His poetry is paintings of raw + sensitive feelings.

I really love him, because, through his books + his poems, he taught me not to be ashamed of my feelings + also that, the point of art + living, is not ‘’how to be cherished by everyone’’ but the meaning that touches all, is the Truth you want to share. The second best thing I have been taught by Uncle Charles, is that THE WAY MATTERS MOST OF ALL.When you say to your beloved, that you love him/her in a way that is your style, + only your style, you do something very ‘’small’’ to became magic+ big.For example, everybody through human history, paints flowers, or portraits, but Van Gong DID IT BETTER, with his ‘’sunflowers’’ + and so DID Da Vinci with ‘’Mona Lisa’’.It’s not the ‘’THING’’ you paint, dance, write, sing, act etc, IT IS THE WAY YOU DO IT.For me, this is the Big-Life-Rule –if there is one.

I also love Pina Baush, Mozart, Pollock, Lennon, Morrisson, Kahlo, Akrithakis, Bacon, Klee, Kandinsky, Schile, Bach…..and all those Aliens+ Starmen, who made civilization what it is, and earth more beautiful.

8.What Greece means to you? Is just a place for holidays, or something more than that?

As I have already said, I don’t feel Greek. That doesn’t mean that I don’t love the country that I was born in+ live in. I really do.It simply means that I love Greece, as a Home. It is a shelter but it is also ‘’something’’ that I can judge…

I believe it is a holy place, with so many beauties in the mainland + islands.

I really love the sunny weather too.I can easily understand the people who come to Greece for holidays, because the combinations of all these elements make this place an extraordinary destination.

For me it will be always the Father Home.



In Greece + everywhere around the world.