1. Manas Kouzina Kouzina. What's the secret behind this successful concept?

-The concept is as the brand name states. "Manas Kouzina" - Mam's Cuisine/Cooking. For us Manas Kouzina is the taste and smell of our childhood. The Sundays when our Mam called us for the family lunch at the backward. We are returning back to the taste of simplicity from from Greek bio products.

2. How does it feel to run a famous restaurant and being so young at the same time? I mean, how can you manage the people that work for you, and make them follow your own goal?

-Any challenge is great. This challenge is the best i have ever been. I m working for more than a decade already but being at my age make me feel energetic for new project and make new experiment at my kitchen. 

With my Team we are working for some years now. We have a chemistry between us, we know our roles and we are discussing everything. I m not managing a restaurant staff. I lead them.

3. Are men better chefs or it's just a cliche, a myth?

-Indeed they are. Women are cooking great but Men love food. They taste and enjoy every bite. They hang out with their friends just and only to try new food experiences. Men risk more than women at cooking.

4. Food, recipes, new and stylish chefs, and a lot of funky restaurants. Is food a trend all over the world?

-Global Financial Crisis forced people to focus on more mature entreatment , like Theatres, Movies and definitely restaurants. That ade a gap which covered by new Chefs, new cooking projects and funky restaurants. So, i do not believe its a trend, Its a need.

5. If you could cook for 5 celebrities in a special dinner,  in a big table, who would you choose and why?

-Monica Bellucci cause a woman like her needs special treatment.
Vladimir Putin cause a man on his status needs to experience "NEW" adventures.
Barak Obama to present  him a unique experience of Greek American cooking recipes.
There are 2 more to whom i had served them,  Nelson Mandela and Madonna.

6. How crisis changes the way we eat and the way we go out and meet friends over a big tasteful table?

-The greek financial crisis , forced us to move at better but difficult decisions. For example we have increase our quality but minimise our profits. after some time we have seen that our clients liked that. More people became openminded again , sharing conversations and be socialised again.

7. Mama's Kouzina Kouzina has your passion and persistence to ''mix and match'' local ingredients from small villages in Greece and present a whole new concept. How tourists react in all those new flavours? I guess they have used in ''souvlaki'' and ''typical'' moussaka and you offer them something completely new. Right?

-The truth is that tourists used to eat the "traditional" Greek junk food as i like to call it. We are trying to cook every day a new recipe from a different Greek city or village by using their ingredients. Good news, Tourists love it, They are asking for the recipe , they are smiling and they leaving from us Happy with one more "sightseeing" at their return home.

8. You have worked abroad. A lot. What you would like to change in the way Greek Restaurants work?

-We have the talent, we have the passion but we need to change a lot . We have to became more professional , more organise and be the "customers". I mean that to think what we want when we are going out for lunch or dinner, What we want t feel, see, taste. 

9. Confide in us.....What is your key to success? 

-Food, Food, Food... Cooking for me is my life, Food is my life. I prefer to cook for my friends and customers at xmas eve than to stay ho me . I am working hard on new ideas, searching new techniques and keep my passion for food always on.

10. Your next business goals?

-My dream is to create my own restaurant by consolidate the techniques and cooking experience from American and Greek Cuisine.