Maria Krina was born in Patras and works as a chef and kitchen manager since 1998. She is specialized in Greek cuisine and has over the years acquired a deep knowledge of its philosophy, techniques and history. Co-owner of the restaurant “droseriko” in Patras introduced such innovations as the complete change of menu every three months, with original dishes based on recipes of traditional Greek cuisine and dishes made with purely organic raw materials. Highlighted forgotten dishes using ingredients from small producers from all over Greece and Cyprus. Often had themed menus from Greece, in combination with concerts from the same area. Since 2011 she works as a chef and kitchen manager in hotels and restaurants. She came in Syros in May 2013 and worked as a chef in  “Abela” tavern until September 2013 In April 2014 she gave her first cooking seminar in Syros on “salads with herbs and wild greens of the island ” with great participation. From June 2014 she took over the kitchen of the restaurant MAZI in Ermoupolis, Syros. There through frequent changing of the menu, the particular history of Syros gets to the plate. In MAZI each menu was a journey into Ermoupolis culture and history and it is based on creative dishes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on the cuisine of Cyclades and the use of local ingredients from small producers. In 2015 she continued working at MAZI restaurant as a consultant, worked as a private chef and made the menu of the coffee – bar “Asteria” in Ermoupolis. On June 2014 she created “cooking tales, hands on greek cuisine”.

Apart from the creation of menus and restaurant consalting and management, hands on cooking courses and seminars based on traditional Greek cuisine are one of her main activities. Contributing to changing people’s attitude regarding food is what she is working for through her seminars and her menus. The courses also present general nutrition issues as important part of her concern, apart from a healty diet, is the issue of the “war” for the control of food which needs to concern us all and lead us into action.

Since December 2014 within the project “training programs for the unemployed, workers and self-employed in the Cyclades prefecture” in cooperation with the S. Aegean region , the KOINSEP Helichrysum and KEK Genimatas SA implements in various islands of the Cyclades the training program entitled “Traditional cuisine in restaurants and hotels” She gave the first seminar in Tinos and then in Syros, Naxos and Paros.

From May to October 2015 she made three presentations of the Aegean traditional cuisine cooking traditional dishes of Syros island and Asia Minor on Celestyal Cruises ships, Celestyal Odyssey and Celestyal Olympia.

In March and April 2016 she gave a 12 hours seminar on grains, herbs and spices at Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis with great participation.

This seminar was repeated in 2017 with a duration of 24 hours. The content of the workshops has been diversified to emphasize the importance of grains and herbs in creating a balanced diet.


In 2018, in collaboration with the Vardakeios School of Ermoupolis, she created the syllabus for the workshops in the Healthnic Diet for Inclusion program and gave the workshop in the trainers’ meeting in Syros. She also participated in writing the Guide book for the program.


From the summer of 2017 she is a host of Traveling Spoon for Syros.

She also works as a restaurant consultant in  kitchen management issues (ergonomics, resource and staff management) and menus (composition, costing and recipes teaching ).