1.Whats your inspiration ?your collections are magnificent!
Thank you for saying that!
My inspiration is generated by any visuals but mainly by other civilisations and their traditions.
My work is an outcome of deep research on different tribes and their traditional ceremonials, costumes and identities formed by a visual communication through body adornment, costumes, colours and movement.
2.You work abroad. What's the biggest difference between Athens and London for a fashion designer like you?
I am coming from Thessaloniki, where i left from, 4 years ago. I would say that there is a big difference between fashion industry in Greece and London. I would not only mention the factor of the economic crisis but, generally greek fashion industry is less developed than London’s simply because the market here is wider and the customers outnumber. If you are an independent designer, you can definitely work from any country as long as you have your sources and your circle of contacts. But London has to offer millions of opportunities for young designers, as long as you keep your eyes and ears open to chances. That is why i believe it can offer great experience for fresh professionals like us.
3.Where we can find your ''pieces of art''?
All pieces are one off.  I am working through my website, under personal orders, collaborations and commissioned work.
4.Are you an optimist? do you believe that Greece will -finally-see the light in the end of the tunnel?
I believe that all suffers have an end and i love my home. As a result then, i want to be an optimist and say that we will be ok in the end.
What concerns me is, what will have been left of Greece, after all this. 
5.Your personal secret of ''having a great time''?
Always keeping some precious personal time and spending the rest with people you love. Be openminded and positive.
6.If you could give an advice to a young person that wants to leave Greece and work abroad, what would you suggest?
I would say that it is equally difficult to live abroad as living in Greece. It is not as dreamy as it sounds when you are young. 
If that is where they imagine themselves living happy i would say do it and be ready to work hard.
The world is big and full of opportunities and a person is formed greatly by living in different places and experiencing different temperaments.
7.Your favourite greek island, restaurant, a hotel that made you feel like home?
Without having been to a lot i’d say Samothraki for its wild beauty. 
I cannot recall a restaurant or a hotel that made me feel this way but a place that made me feel like home was the designers house of Saga Furs in Vedbæk, Denmark when i was there to create my “Prosopon” collection.
Fur was sponsored by Saga Furs and the experience of living in the Designers’ mansion and creating in their workshop every day, was amazing. 
8.Your next business goals are..?
My new collection and a new workspace fully equipped.
Further, i am aiming to broaden my market and develop my skills as much as possible.

9. Greece is a place for summer holidays....or its something more than that..?

Greece will always be a desirable holidays destination and i am trying to spend as more time as possible there.

But it will always be my home as well! The biggest piece of my self was formed there and i will always be longing to walk around the city and enjoy its beauties.