They are young, fresh and know a lot about fashion. But it's not only fashion that concerns them. So we asked those 3 bloggers 3 questions.
1.What is Greece to you?
2.Are you optimist about the whole ''crisis'' thing?
3.You are a well known blogger. Your favorite greek fashion designers?
CHRISTY JALDORI Founder and CEO of Christy and thecity.blogspot
I won't say Sea,Sun, Ouzo and other things like that. Greece is not only a country it's an idea that we should keep alive through the years no matter what!
I am a very optimistic person but not about this matter. I am very dissapointed and if you asked me when i was in my mothers belly if i wanted to be born in this generation i would deffinitely say "no put me back inside" without a doubt! On the other hand we have to be strong and make the best of what we can get.
Thank you for considering me one although i think i have long way to go. My favorite greek fashion designers are Mary Katrantzou without a doubt,MiRo and Celia Kritharioti.