We are a fashion company, with a long history starting in the early 70s when Grigoris and Lola Gialamas founded the Company с.

Through the years LOLA SA succeeds to gain a significant clientele by means of quality products, fair pricing, wide range of products and competitive advantages in the production process.

In 2004, the management and renewal of the company were undertaken by Anastasia and Fotini Gialamas, the founders’ successors.

Our philosophy is customer based and points to customers’ satisfaction in every aspect.

According to this philosophy the design of successful collections, the organized production process and the professional customer service are equally important components of our proposal.

We design and produce our collections setting high standards. Quality control is significant in every stage of the production in order to obtain an end product that meets our client’s taste and will.

In conclusion, we value quality as our main principal and we aim to provide unique collections at fair prices.

The creative design department, whose director is Anastasia Gialama, is the heart of the company.

Her interest in design began at an early stage since practically growing up in the company having her mother as a role model.

In her team she is working with a group of innovative designers from several parts of the world that constantly contribute with their experience gained from abroad. Travelling to get inspiration and a multi cultural perspective are key factors to the brands creativity.

The inspiration and the style of every LOLA collection changes each season, however three elements always remain stable: the high-quality of the raw materials, the proper implementation and excellent fitting of every design and also the thought that clothes are manufactured to meet real women’ s needs.

Anastasia loves the simple lines giving emphasis on details and the high quality of fabrics for the creation of every single piece of clothing. As she, herself says: “Our style is influenced by the simplicity and the clear lines of the Greek landscape. This and the thought that we address to women with fine taste drive us to create sophisticated tailoring collections”.

All collections are created with fabrics made of exquisite quality.

It is always pursued that all fabrics used come from natural fibers. Our main suppliers are fromItalyandFrancewhere the company is supplied with all wool, cotton with special finishing and printed silk fabrics. 

The constant search and discovery of high quality fabrics and materials is one of the most important areas in the company, and it is regarded as the competition advantage of LOLA S.A.

All garments are marked with special labels indicating the fabrics’ material.