Julie Tzanni is a small brand that creates limited collections of a new kind of fine porcelain jewelry that feels as good as it looks.
Organically minimal, contemporary and sustainable, these handmade pieces effortlessly capture the extraordinary qualities of the Cycladic islands.

Inspired by the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea, the ethereal Apollonian light and the rich Hellenic heritage rooted in Mythology, Julie translates her hand-crafted jewelry into wearable sculptural art.

Meant to be enjoyed daily, the accessible collections embody a minimal contemporary edge while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Her aim is to create refined pieces for you, who recognize quality and seek something rare. It is for the Modern Muse who values heritage and the human touch, who dares to follow her heart and who expresses a distinctive personal style. 

The woman who has the power to choose who she wants to be. A free spirit.


The PORCELAIN X LUCITE Resort S/S21 is a limited capsule collection of wide cuff bracelets and choker necklaces made out of the highest quality Lucite, porcelain flowers and gold plated sterling silver.

It is a radical and unexpected union of two very diverse materials, soft romantic porcelain and modern acrylic.

It is a collaboration between Julie, who designed and created the jewelry, and another amazing artist, Urania Gazelli, whom Julie approached to create the Lucite (acrylic Plexiglass) base. Out of this joint effort, a great friendship also emerged.


In 2003 Julie left behind a prominent career in Marketing Management and a hectic life in Athens, to return to her childhood sanctuary, the island of Sifnos in Greece.

Infused by the island’s rich tradition of pottery, she immersed herself in the ceramic arts. Since 2009, (when she transformed an old stone house into her atelier and gallery), she has produced multiple signature collections of ceramics, and from 2014, exquisite porcelain jewelry.

She created her first pieces of bronze earrings when she was only 14 years old. Then in her Marketing career, she worked for many years for an international jewelry company. So, it was only natural that she would return to one of her first loves.



Inspired by her worldwide travels, her surroundings, the ethereal Apollonian light, and the ancient history of the island, Julie Tzanni lovingly strives to breath into her jewelry work the imperfection and impermanence of Nature itself.

Each hand-made piece celebrates the Zen philosophy of “wabi sabi”, an aesthetic that honors the beauty of authenticity and simplicity.
She creates in a quiet, meditative state, reflecting her yogic background and lifestyle. She strongly believes in sustainability, putting in into practice throughout her work.


Her collections are effortlessly elegant and minimalist, while possessing a practical durability appreciated by her clients.

Her designs are organic and sensual, affected by myth and tradition yet contemporary, a perfect balance of material, design and culture. It is a new kind of jewelry that feels as good as it looks.

From day into night, Julie’s unique pieces are made to be worn and enjoyed by the contemporary yet romantic woman.


Julie Tzanni is a boutique jewelry company based in Sifnos, Greece.

The collections feature limited selections of in-stock jewelry using the finest transparent porcelain finished with sterling silver and gold plated findings with a focus on timeless and thoughtful designs.

She designs each of her collections with the intention of creating elegant pieces that can be worn from day to night, with minimal waste and minimal carbon footprint.


The jewelry is made with recycled porcelain and responsibly sourced sterling silver wherever applicable. She aims to minimize waste in the production of her pieces, and therefore, many of them are made to order.

She uses recycled and biodegradable materials in her studio where practicable, and she continuously looks for ways to be more conscious of her environmental impact.

As the studio is located on a remote Greek island, she uses rainwater from her age old water cistern, collects driftwood for heating the studio, uses as little plastic as possible, all furniture is reclaimed and upcycled, etc.

She continuously strives to implement practices that further these values.


Julie designs all the jewelry and hand sculpts and fires the porcelain part herself. The precious metal parts are made by a small family business based in Athens, Greece, with expertise in traditional methods of crafting jewelry by hand.


Most of the images featured are the loving product of the amazing photographer George Venios. You can find his work here, @vengio.