Inès Anaïs Rain is an upcoming bespoke luxury jewels brand. Founded by Anna Noti , in 2007, an architect, creative director & a Central Saint Martin’s graduate. It represents a unique style of urban spiritual chic.

Its philosophy establishes a new culture of slow movement. Anna believes in the real process of creativity, in real time, in real life, in real people and in real life challenges.

Creativity can happen in real environments of peace, tranquility and space. We trust in the human conceptual ability and not in the industrialized craziness of mass production.

Human Hand-Made creations are far more vibrant, eclectic, inspired and inspirational.

Inès Anaïs Rain represents a culture of small size non-intrusive actions. Our statement is to exist in a fake, robot-made world and remain alive and human.

Inspired by Anna’s love for materials, composition, dreams, ideas, haute-couture, appreciation of natural beauty and concepts, mixed cultures, textiles, stones, earthy materials, tropical sunsets, urban sets, humans, animals, long lost traditions, the baroque era, berlin in the 30's, Istanbul, Paris, art deco, fine art, modernism, cubism, Vienna, street culture, surf, ski & skate, spirituality, graffiti & calligraphy, architecture, joie de vivre & authentic style.

Thank you for supporting the Inès Anaïs Rain vision and are part of a dream come true. A house of Bespoke Luxury Jewels with an Inspired Twist _Entwined with Spiritual References_Sparkling Gems_Cosmopolitan Love_Wisdom & the Desire to Travel in Freedom_