Xenia Nefelly is a jewelry designer and owner of the brand PROPS.

She was always a creative person and got into fashion from an early age. She studied Fashion design, women’s wear pattern, styling and fashion marketing. But her passion is making jewelry and fashion accessories!

She is from Athens,Greece. She started her studies in Athens and after 3 years studying Fashion at the “Accedemia di Costume e di Moda” in Rome,Italy, the idea of PROPS contemporary jewelry was born!

There are 3 collections:

-The “Loft collection” witch is made of neoprene cord, and it is the basic one. Black is the main color of these jewelry, with colored details of waxed thread, golden/silvered metals, plastic crystals or semiprecious stones.
But what defines them is the sensation of the material. Neoprene is Soft, elastic, mat, light… foamy!Mix & match with a minimal urban style.

-The “Luxury collection” are some of the pieces of the “Loft collection”made of neoprene cord plus semiprecious stones, silver 925 clasps/ hooks, or golden plated silver .What defines them is the sensation of the material and the elegant designs. Neoprene is Soft, elastic, mat, light… foamy! Mixed and matched with Pearls, golden / silver details, the cat’s eye stones or aquamarine stones.

-The ethnic collection is more theatrical, it’s style is based on Greek traditional design and clothes. Details of handmade tile designs printed on wood, ropes, fringes, pom-pom and golden metals are the main materials.