kaΔèna is a brand that wants to create a new perception about jewels. It's an innovative idea that changes the way we wear them.

kaΔèna uses metal plates of different materials and shapes, which you can glue on different parts of your body. Imagine a tattoo that shines on your body and it's an actual jewel! Our notion is based on simplicity and clean lines without being boring or indifferent. Geometric lines, calm curves and aggressive angles are the main characteristics of these shapes which you can put in every place of your body.

Wearing the kaΔèna jewels you will feel the ultimate simplicity. With these pieces you will feel special

Every package of the jewel you choose, comes with special skin glue.

A small amount of glue on the piece you want to wear is enough to make it last on you for at least 8h. It sticks at once on your body and you can just remove it until the next time.

These bronze elements will define the way of wearing jewels to your everyday life.