The Eye Ring was created in 2013 by Leda Athanasopoulou, a Greek designer currently based in New York.

The Eye Ring is simple, yet unique; A delicately handcrafted 14K gold ring passes through a glass eye bead. This technique gives optimum lightness, enabling the bead to move around the ring.

First recorded by the Mesopotamians about 5000 years ago, the eye bead has been used in all cultures and religions as a symbol of good luck and protection.

The Eye Rings have spread across the world, from Cape Town to New York, London, Paris, Rome and Copenhagen. The Eye Ring is also collaborating with boutiques in Mykonos and Patmos. Many eye ringers claim that they never take off the ring as it is elegant and comfortable enough to wear at all times. They carry a memory of Greece and summer all year long.

Born in Thessaloniki in 1991, Leda Athanasopoulou completed a Business Studies degree in London and Paris. She entered the world of design when studying at Instituto Europeo di Design in Milan. Since then, she has been working in product design, interior design and architecture.