Bespoke jewellery, handcrafted using only the highest quality and ethically sourced materials. 

From their very first inception, each piece of our jewellery is designed and handcrafted using a varied selection of gold, silver and precious metal competencies with attention to detail and fashioned to the highest of standards, involving a wide array of skills and abilities.

Reflected in this work, our jewellery is inspired and dreamed up, based on the beauty elegance and grace of the natural world around us, folklore and indigenous mystery magic and myth. 

Our aim is to carefully handcraft each piece of jewellery and fashion it as art so that it becomes a pleasure to own and to wear, individualsing the wearer in its uniqueness.  Our focus is to reflect the subtlety, power, beauty and exquisiteness where the bio-dynamic natural world of form and texture meet and merges encapsulated in each alive piece of art jewellery to be enjoyed and treasured.  The end result of our work and aims are to show the roots of our inspirations, ideas and work from the very first wisps of dreaming to the making and then the becoming.

We hope to indulge the wearer in our skills, beauty, inspirations and ideas by designing and making art as jewellery in this way.