Nikos Kalafatis was born in Athens, in 1955. He took his first courses in sketching at the workshop of V.Vlachopoulos and obtained his degree in painting at the Academia Di Belle Arti in Florence in 1979. Later in 1991, he stood out at the exams of the greek State Scholarship Foundation and was granted a three-year scholarship in sculpture at the School of Fine Arts in Athens.                                                                                           

He shares working and creativity life in Athens and the island of Euboea. His artwork has been included in several private collections within Greece and abroad.

The following art historians and critics have commented on his work: Athina Schina (2015),

Iris  Kritikou (2008), Niki Orfanou  (2006), Anna Protonotariou  (2005) Vivi Vassilopοulou (Courses 2000), Stelios Lydakis (1995), Harris Livas (1991), Athina Schina (1991,1993).