Passing through the imposing castle gate, an authentic medieval town still buzzing with life unfolds before the visitor’s eyes. Cobbled streets, beautiful mansions with arches, fortification walls with loopholes and old churches coexist harmoniously with modern shops offering local delicacies and fine handicrafts, picturesque tavernas and café-bars.

With the imposing rock as a background, the magical view of the fortress town and the blue of the Aegean Sea, the Malvasia Traditional Hotels promise a unique experience for your stay.

Served in the hotel’s traditional, flower-filled courtyard or beside the stone fireplace in the dining area, breakfast is an enjoyable experience. Freshly squeezed fruit juices, homemade pies, cakes and cookies, our own jams, and local recipes and products make a delicious start to your day.

For guests at the Stellaki Mansion who don’t feel like walking to the hotel and prefer to enjoy breakfast in their own space, a pleasant surprise awaits them: a basket of fresh bread, fruit and a selection of essential local products can be brought to their apartment at a time of their choosing, so that they can prepare their own breakfast. The choice is theirs...

Three hundred metres from the castle gate, at the end of the stone-paved main street that runs through the town, is the Malvasia Hotel. The eastern section of the walls, the Myrtoan Sea and the open horizon unfold before it.

The Malvasia Hotel, among the earliest organised lodgings in the castle, is an imposing complex of stone buildings, created by joining together seven independent houses. The restoration of these houses was undertaken in the mid-1980s, with great respect towards the preserved historical features and unique architectural styles of the castle. Their recent renovation was completed in 2015.

The hotel offers 14 rooms, each decorated differently with antique furniture and rugs, that exude the warm atmosphere of the house. Most of the rooms offer beautiful sea views, while many of them have a balcony and their own fireplace. All of them are equipped with air conditioning, refrigerator, satellite TV and Wi-Fi.

The Malvasia Hotel has a sitting room, a breakfast room, and a popular bar which operates during the summer months, with a stunning view of the sea. Harmoniously combining traditional elements with modern amenities, it is ideal for all seasons.

The hotel’s greatest asset is its enchanting view. So find your favourite spot and let the magic embrace you...