There is a dreamy, magical place hiding in the perfect valley in Southern Greece among idyllic vineyards, olive groves and citrus trees, just minutes away from the blue Mediterranean. The Kinsterna Hotel, once an impressive mansion and estate dating from Byzantine, Ottoman and Venetian times, has carefully been returned to its former glory with an air of luxury. There are no words to capture the serenity, clean air and aura of this property, overlooking the legendary castle rock of Monemvasia with its panoply of hidden charms.

Having revived all the activities such as winemaking and olive oil production that were for generations the lifeblood of the 18 acres estate, the owners have recreated the perfect model of sustainability. Replanted fruit-bearing trees, fertile vegetable patches, aromatic herb gardens and the endless supply of spring water also help support this outstanding philosophy. The Kinsterna's ultimate aim is to come as close as possible to being a totally self-sustainable and independent 'community'.

Beyond its fascinating history as a wealthy refuge and lord's mansion over several centuries, the Kinsterna today is an all-year hotspot for excellent accommodation, fine Mediterranean gastronomy and spa relaxation, set in a nature lover's paradise. A wine cellar and library add sophisticated charm, so does the fireplace lounge in winter months.

Sample one of the chef's sumptuous regional dishes, laze around the pool filled with natural spring water or hike the green hills above the mansion to delight in the breathtaking view. For a more hands-on encounter with the Southern Mediterranean lifestyle you can help us make our wine, collect herbs or pick olives right on the estate. A visit to the Kinsterna represents an experience that will no doubt be etched into your memory for years to come. And you will be back.