Hotel Du Lac / Congress Center and Spa- Ioannina
The amazing view of the Pamviotida Lake from the Hotel Du Lac, the architecturally impressive complex of buildings, the cosmopolitan atmosphere in...
''Silene Villas'' - Karpathos island.
Located on the top of a small hill and offering stunning panoramic views of Ammopi Bay, Silene Villas is a place of absolute beauty and privacy....
''Burgundy Grapes''.
Burgundy Grapes, an instrumental act led by core duo George Kolyvas and Alexandros Miaoulis, create unique soundscapes that result from introspection...
Joanna Louca woven accessories.
Joanna Louca studied woven textiles at Middlesex University and obtained a Masters in Textiles at Goldsmiths University, London. She later...
''To Mavro Provato''.
“TO MAVRO PROVATO” challenges your taste    “Mezedopoleio” is called any typical greek “tapas” bar which you can find all around Greece. “...
Cookoovaya Wise Cuisine.
The owl (“koukouvaya” in Greek) is a symbol of the city of Athens and wisdom, greets you and offers you a chair. Cookoovaya alights on your linen...
Tani Dimitrakopoulou - Painter
Tania Dimitrakopoulou was born in Athens in 26‑6‑1969. She studied Cell and Molecular Biology at Kingston University, in England (1988‑1991). She...
Elena Kougianou Jewellery.
Elena Kougianou currently lives and works in Athens,Greece. After gaining a degree in political science in the United Kingdom, Elena started...
Grand Forest / Metsovo
Grand Forest Metsovo is the ideal excursion destination in Metsovo. Warm hospitality and comfortable accommodation, throughout the year, at the...
Andonis Donef at Kalfayan Galleries - ''The Cheat''
Antonis Donef, born in 1978, lives and works in Athens. He studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and the University of Fine Arts in Madrid....


20 May 2017
NEW YORK – The New York Blue Money Show took place on April 7 and 8 at the Jay Suites Times Square in Midtown Manhattan. Among the events included in this conference that promotes...
M art Space
31 December 2012
Been in the art market for almost 17 years, M art decided on December 2007 to create a new innovative art space that goes beyond the limitations, or conceptions associated with...
Meatropoleos 3
29 December 2012
The Legendary Athenian Grill..i simply adore the food,and the great atmosphere..
Cycladic Art Museum
29 December 2012
    The Museum of Cycladic Art (Athens, Greece) presents its new archaeological exhibition under the title ‘Princesses’ of the Mediterranean in...
Stevy Litra
24 December 2012
handmade..  vintange.. .. secondhand art!!i really admire her objects!
21 December 2012
 Duchess Little Things, a newborn brand presents you various handmade jewelery and accessories.  Most of the pieces maybe one of a kind as the materials used vary from...
19 December 2012
Dimitris Doutsiopoulos, photographer & his work, Thessaloniki
A fine evening at Kostarelos store.
DK club Chania Crete
19 December 2012
DK Club is the new project of Interior Architect - Creative Director, Ismini Karali,  a small but outstanding place at the Old Port of Chania, Crete, Greece. It is part of a...
greek ancient sandals
19 December 2012
GREEK DESIGNERS 8/12/2012 - 10/1/2013
19 December 2012
  Three Decades of Celebrations at Skoufa Gallery 15/12/2012 until 15/1/2013  
19 December 2012
Skoufa Gallery opened in 1981 exhibiting works by contemporary Greek artists.Host of historically significant, contemporary artists of the 1930’s, the gallery aims to...
 Sto Kioupi - Dimitsana
17 December 2012
a wonderful greek traditional restaurant with great view,in Dimitsana-Tripoli Arcadia,a place known for its unspoiled beauty..
Soleto Pane-cafe-tratoria
17 December 2012
Pane Cafe Trattoria a place full of energy,great food,and a positive aura!enjoy!
15 December 2012
tomorrow,you can bring clothes you dont wear anymore,and they will be all selected for homeless people,or people that they really need them. awaken your soul!!its Christmas!...


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