jronia k jronia | The first 100% Greek deli shop in Spain!

After opening our store in the centre of Madrid in 2011 we launched our web shop www.productosgriegos.es in order to continue promoting the Greek gastronomy outside of the Spanish capital. We deliver our goods to Spain, Portugal and Andorra and are working on opening new markets soon. Additionaly we distribute our products to other deli and gourmet stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.
Just a few months after opening our shop, the honorable mention at the Gastronomic Awards of Metropoli (magazine of the “El Mundo”) came to confirm the positive reception of our concept on the Spanish market.

We import handmade gourmet products, PDO products from all over Greece as well as the most popular brands of the country. We represent many brands exclusively on the Spanish market but we are always in the search of traditional and innovative products for Spain.

In our shop apart from the selected products our clients can find daily freshly elaborated typical Greek dishes, snacks and sweets that we prepare the traditional way as well as typical Greek beverages including coffees.

Our vision is to promote the endless gastronomic treasures of our country. With a big focus on every detail, from the selection and presentation to the promotion of every single product. Each product is unique for us and deserves a special treatment.

We love what we do and we commit ourselves to continue with the same passion.

We look forward to receive your messages In order to obtain more information about us please contact us directly, visit our web page www.productosgriegos.es or follow us on social networks.


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