Our cuisine in “Deli” is based on the Mediterranean diet. It is a traditional Mediterranean cuisine that combines simplicity with high gastronomy. Traditional local products, such as aromatic thyme honey from Kythira and the soft, virgin composition of the local olive oil is one of our key ingredients to tantalize your taste with every dish.

Under the guidance of our famous international chef, Claus Becca, all our raw materials are of pure Greek products and our very own organic vegetables that we grow in our vegetable garden.

Our chef Claus Bekas, with years of experience in the most important culinary establishments of Greece, as Electra Palace, Filoxenia, Astir Palace, is the man who essentially marries the Greek Mediterranean cuisine with Kythirian products. He is a conductor of taste, who knows how to use natural ingredients without changing their texture but highlights their goodness creating a musical composition of flavors.