Campus was founded on 1996 in Platikampos, Larisa, Greece. It produces, manufactures and packages quality food products grown in local land.
On 2003 Campus moved to modern, newly built state of the art facilities.
With industrial machinery, according with and complying fully with all National and International Quality and Safety Standards and E.U. Directives as well as with certification under ISO 22000, Campus Company created appropriate infrastructure for large production.
The promotion of local products, fundamental components of the Mediterranean diet, is the production base of highly nutritional value goods covering human needs.
Our goal is to continually expand the range of healthy nutrition foods.
Garlic, tomato, olive and other agricultural products as well as the Greek sunas energy source, create the positive dimension for quality food fabrication for the present and for the future. Goods of our land, of the Greek soil, of the tradition and history, made with care and taste!